Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kostes' Makes Unfounded Attack On Pension Investments: Mayoral candidate Bob Kostes must have been Professor Irwin Corey's brightest student. In a recent Spectrum article, Kostes said, "I have a vision for New Milford." "What's the vision?" reporter Lynda Wellman asked. "That everyone has a vision," was his response. Quite illuminating.Watch Kostes in action. He never knows the facts. At last week's Meeting of the Pension Committee, former Mayor Bobby Gambino read a letter from Kostes that attacked the Mayor for not investing the Town's pension money overseas. He said that he was told that such investment would be illegal but I cannot find anyone who said that to him. First, I know of no Mayor in the history of the Town who has given instructions about where that money is to be invested. And neither does Ray Jankowski, the Director of Finance. You see, Kostes has a way of hearing what he wants to hear and then twisting other peoples' words to support his position. Ray said that he told Kostes not that it was illegal but that there are rules that suggest where the investments are to be made. Kostes is an expert at ignoring the facts and the truth to make and support his point.


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