Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mayoral Candidate Jeff Winter Fined $100 By Town Clerk

As provided by the Campaign Financing Laws, Town Clerk George Buckbee has today informed mayoral candidate Jeff Winter that he must pay a $100 fine for failing to file the required forms relating to his candidacy.

He is subject to further penalties if he again fails to file the forms after a short period of time after being notified of his failure.

Mr. Winter can't manage his meager campaign responsibilities but thinks he can handle the Town and its Budget?  He should reconsider his election bid.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Winter Campaign Already On Shaky Ground

Jeff Winter's bid for a job Mayor may already be floundering.  Failing to comply with State Statutes, maybe he's thrown in the towel.

Section 9-604(a) of the Connecticut General Statutes requires candidates to file a statement with the Town Clerk "not later than ten days after becoming a candidate."  No such statement has been filed with the Town Clerk.

This is Mr. Audit...he can't even audit himself.

Town Council Approves Moonlight Run

By a vote of 7-1, last night the Town Council approved the Moonlight Run.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mayor Murphy To Seek Reelection

At a Meeting tonight of the Republican Town Committee,  Mayor Pat Murphy announced that she will seek reelection in November. 

She thanked those in attendance for their support and good counsel and asked for their support in November.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NMPD Promotes Carla Tencza to Sergeant

In a brief ceremony today, Investigator Carla Tencza was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  Noting that Sergeant Tencza has done a great job and that the promotion is well-deserved, Mayor Pat Murphy said that she is New Milford's first female Sergeant.

Sergeant Tencza with Lt. Bill Scribner, Lt. Larry Ash and Captain Mark Buckley.

Monday, June 20, 2011

CL&P In the Skies

In mid-August, CL&P is going to begin replacing the uppermost wire on its transmission lines.  That sounds dull enough but it isn’t just going to send a few guys up a ladder.

It may sound like something out of a science-fiction movie but the Company will be using helicopters for some of the work.

Helicopters?  Yes, helicopters.

According to CL&P spokesman Frank Poirot, the use of helicopters reduces the impact on the environment.  “Although some ground access will be required,” he said, “the job will have far less environmental impact using the helicopters.”  There will be some clearing of existing access roads and of access from paved roads but “there will be significantly less clearing because of the overhead access.”

Mr. Poirot said that the helicopter work is scheduled to be done in three segments starting in mid-August and ending in November and will proceed as weather conditions allow. “The work on the ground will start in mid-July,” he said, and will be done from Plumtrees Road in Bethel to Long Mountain Road in New Milford. 

Mr. Poirot said that there will a mass mailing to customers along the right-of-way and press releases will be sent out to the local media so that people aren’t alarmed when they see the helicopters close to the lines. 

Morey to Winter 'Leave the Town Alone'

Once again, I call on Economic Development Vice Chairman Jeff Winter to resign immediately;  his political antics are an anathema to the Town.

The purpose of the EDC is to attract new businesses for job and tax base growth. As a Member of the EDC, he should be promoting New Milford and all the great things it offers.    Instead, his attacks and negativity do just the opposite, discouraging new business from choosing to locate in New Milford.

His continued attacks about Town finances are made solely for political gain and create a negative environment for our Community.

Moreover, he wouldn’t be missed from the EDC because he has been absolutely unproductive.   The EDC has done more for him than he has for it, using his position only to catapult and position himself for the Town’s highest office.

His vision for our Community is just negative rhetoric and his speeches are all swagger with no substance.  Tall hat, no cattle.

Also, based upon his public statements, he is the poster boy for higher taxes having objected publicly to the use of surplus for tax relief.  If he has any influence over your future tax bills, buckle up.  The ride will be scary.

Mayor Pat Murphy has done many things to promote tax base growth.  For example, working with KC on its energy plant, working with the State to expedite the permit process for the new shopping center on Route 7, forming an Economic Development Corporation, establishing the position of Economic Development Director and seeking grants and low-interest loans for our sewer expansion.  The list goes on and on.

As was recently shown at a Town Council Meeting, our Community is in solid financial condition with great bond ratings, strong reserve funds, good tax collections and many capital projects in progress.

Over the last several years, the Mayor’s list of accomplishments have been enormous and have included the completion of Route 7, the Grove Street realignment, the ambulance facility, several recreational improvements, open space acquisition, farmland preservation and several road projects.  The list goes on and on.

Over the last several years, the Mayor has obtained an unprecedented number of Federal and State grants, dramatically reducing the burden on taxpayers.

The last thing this Town needs is someone at the helm who will put at risk all that Mayor Murphy has accomplished.   We also don’t need someone who talks nothing but political-speak.   For example, at a recent Town Meeting Mr. Winter supported the Mayor’s Budget and then, from the other side of his mouth, criticized her handling of Town finances.    I ask you, Mr. Winter, where was your Budget plan and where were your line-item recommendations – both for the Town AND School -- during Budget deliberations?

Leave the Town alone, Mr. Winter.  It appears that you can do it no good. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stillman: ‘Winter Knows Budget Better Than Pilla’

It sure doesn’t take much to impress the good foot doctor and former Mayoral candidate, Larry Stillman.  After all, one can get a good sense of his understanding of municipal finance if you remember some of the ideas that he floated during his inauspicious campaign.  One of my favorites was his ridiculous plan to divvy up the Town’s undesignated fund and share it with every taxpayer in Town.  So when candidate Jeff Winter threw around a few long sentences with a couple of big-sounding words, Larry got sucked in even though those sentences and words are patently wrong, misleading and fact-challenged. 

Attacking the Spectrum for failing to give Jeff an opportunity to rebut comments made by Tom Pilla in a recent story, Larry wrote, “I hope election press coverage will be held to high levels of fairness, but I’m not na├»ve to the potential abuse of the public trust.”

As difficult as it is to keep a straight face while reading Larry’s complaints about the Spectrum, there was more but I must preface the following with the disclosure that Tommy Pilla and I are friends. 
Here’s what I find to be hilarious.  In text language, I was LOL.  Larry wrote, “I believe that Mr. Winter knows the town’s budget better than anyone I know -- including Mr. Pilla.” 

Oh, boy.

I don’t know whether this is more telling about Larry than it is about Jeff but it is an extraordinary claim.  Agree with Tommy’s philosophies or not, there is not a single person with whom I have ever spoken who isn’t clear on one point that I know to be absolutely true:  Tommy has a sharper mind for finance than anyone around.  He has forgotten more about Town budgets than Jeff will ever know.  Actually, that’s not true because Tommy doesn’t forget anything.

Of course, Tommy’s name isn’t on the ballot so Larry making a big to-do about him is pointless.  But maybe the point is that the letter was really written by Jeff who was offended by the facts and used Larry to lash out rather than doing it himself.  After all, no one wants to read this or another attack letter or more negativity.   Maybe the thought was that a letter from Jeff praising his own alleged financial genius would be a bit unseemly.   And untrue.