Sunday, September 19, 2010

Traffic Advisory for Tomorrow

From Town Hall:
The final few hours of Veteran's Bridge inspection is expected to take place on Monday, September 20th.  Michael Baker Engineering will be inspecting the Veteran's Bridge (No. 00901) over the Housatonic River on Route 202 & 67 between the hours of 9am and 1pm.
Baker is coordinating the inspection through Connecticut Department of Transportation Bridge Safety & Evaluation Department.  During inspection, one-way alternating traffic will be required on the bridge at times due to equipment being set up along one lane.  New Milford Police Department will be utilized for traffic control during this time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Official! Mayor Murphy Selects Shawn Boyne As New Chief of Police

Here's how the appointment appears on Monday night's Town Council Agenda:

8 c)    Discussion and possible action approving the Mayor’s appointment of Shawn M. Boyne to the position of Chief of Police.
8 d)    Discussion and possible action authorizing Mayor Patricia Murphy to sign a contract of employment with Shawn M. Boyne commencing October 15, 2010.

Lt. Boyne is the Commanding Officer of Troop L, Litchfield.

The Meeting is at 7:30 in the E. Paul Martin Room, top floor, Town Hall.

BOE Gets $698,107 From Feds

The BOE got $698,107 as New Milford's share of $110.5 million that the State received from the Feds.  The money is to be used to rehire teachers who were laid off because of budget problems and to pay salaries and benefits for teachers and administrative staff.

This money should free up other funds.  Will pay-to-play be eliminated?  Will the fees for parking spaces be reduced to prior levels?   Let's see if the BOE steps up to the plate.

There's some really good reading here:  BOE Operations Subcommittee

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mark Buckley Promoted to Lieutenant

To a standing ovation and cheers from family, friends and co-workers, Sergeant Mark Buckley -- one of the most affable and respected Members of the New Milford Police Department -- was promoted today to the rank of Lieutenant. Presiding over the well-attended proceeding was Chief Colin D. "Mac" McCormack who explained that Lieutenant Buckley was his first appointment and is likely to be his last, now that he has retired and is working for the Town on a per diem basis.  Attendees included some State Troopers, one of whom is rumored to be a candidate for the Chief's job.  Members of the NMPD and Town officials were mum about the rumor but there sure was a lot of very positive excitement about one particular prospect who may have graciously attended the festivities.  "If this is the guy," one seasoned Member of the Force said, "It's a home run...the man is dialed-in and we're all extremely excited."  "There's a buzz in the building," said another who was equally excited.