Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Morey Calls For Resignation of EDC Vice-Chair

This is Mr. Morey's response to an article (Town's finances scrutinized by citizen; experts say town is faring well in tough economy) in today's News-Times.

I was very pleased by the story in today's News-Times about the excellent condition of the Town's finances. Our bond rating is good. Our financial structure is strong. The Mayor and our Town officials are obviously doing a great job in these very difficult times.

However, I am appalled that Jeff Winter, the Vice-Chairman of the Economic Development Commission, has been challenging the Mayor and our Town officials about their handling of Town funds. Mr. Winter goes to Town Council Meetings to cause trouble when instead he should be a Town cheerleader. He took an oath to promote bringing business to Town and to help create jobs but he's doing just the opposite and his actions are hurting the residents of the Town of New Milford.

I call upon Mr. Winter to resign immediately from the EDC.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Facebook Threats At Schaghticoke Middle School

The incident was described in a News-Times Editorial on October 14.  "Here is what happened: The eighth-grade boy posted on his Facebook page: "I swear to God I'm going to kill, Mr. (name, expletive)." The girl responded: "Let's bomb the school together."

The Editorial is critical of what it perceives as the meddling by the School Administration into private, off-campus matters and pleads the case for a nice get-together to chat about the comments and to turn the wrong into a nice lesson for the tots: "...Facebook, and other social media, are not at all private."  Tea and crumpets, anyone?

Is that really the lesson?  Or is it, "This behavior is never acceptable?"

I have a recommendation for a way to positively send this message home in a manner that these dopey kids would never forget.  And no, unfortunately, corporal punishment isn't an option.  Take them up to Police HQ and lock them in a jail cell for a few hours.  Make sure the doors slam closed.    

Is the News-Times kidding?  In this day and age, how do you ever know what's serious and what's not?  What would have happened if the parents had not come forward and these stupid kids actually tried to do something dumb to Vice-Principal Gerald Robinson?   The parents who reported the posts absolutely did the right thing and the School Administration had to act quickly and decisively.  It's the law.  And invading the students' privacy?  This is a necessary evil given the state of world affairs and one that has been justifiedly and increasingly accepted by courts all over the Country.

Shame on you, News-Times.

Electronics Recycling at the Recycling Center On Youngsfield Road

There is some confusion about the types of electronic devices that may be dropped off at the Recycling Center.   It's really quite simple:  just about any type of electronic item may be dropped off.   And it's free...the biggest bargain in Town!

Although the State Statutes require only the collection of "Covered Electronic Devices" defined as televisions, computers, monitors and printers, the Company that is taking this stuff -- WeRecycle -- is taking these and everything else for free.  So you can bring VCRs, radios, CD players, laptops, netbooks, chargers...just about anything and there's no charge.

Here's the list that's attached to the Company's container at the Recycling Center:

The November Ballot

Friday, October 15, 2010

Shawn Boyne Sworn In As New Chief of Police

It was almost SRO.  The colors were passed and there was a terrific show of support from the men and women of our own Department and many from the State Police.  Chief Boyne's parents were there along with his fiance.  Congratulations to Chief Boyne and congratulations to the Town of New Milford.