Sunday, January 26, 2014

Democratic Primary A Sure Thing: Lillis Gets the Signatures

John Lillis reports that has has obtained more than enough signatures to require a Primary.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Morey: Grossman a 'Red Flag of Danger' For New Milford Dems

It is extremely unfortunate that at a recent Caucus of the Democratic Town Committee, many long-time, highly-respected New Milford Democrats including a former Mayor, former First Selectmen, former Council members, current Council members and former and current Commissioners were summarily rejected by newcomer and three-time loser Andy Grossman and a few disgruntled Democrats.

Talk about rejection?  Did anyone at the Caucus bring up the fact that on three different occasions Andy Grossman was given the opportunity by the Democratic Town Committee to run for political office?  He ran for Town Council.  Rejected.  He ran for the Planning Commission.  Rejected.  He ran for State Representative.  Rejected.   In all three elections, he was the lowest vote-getter.   

Clearly, Andy Grossman doesn't get the message that he fails to resonate with New Milford voters so, naturally, he wants to blame others for his election losses.  Clearly, one of the reasons that he lost all three elections was that his political speeches have no substance and are fraught with the idea of raising taxes on New Milford residents even higher.

Neither he nor his fellow malcontented Democrats have any fresh ideas;  years on the Council but not one of them has ever come forward with a fresh, original idea.  They are quick to criticize but offer no substance.

Andy Grossman wants to be the poster boy for a new Democratic Party in New Milford but, to the contrary, after his trifecta of election losses he should only be a red flag of danger for what the local Democrats have in store for New Milford's future. 

Andy-the-Taxman should not ever be the Democrats' voice in Town government.