Thursday, May 28, 2009

eWaste Update

In January, I wrote a post about the start of a program to collect certain electronic waste ("eWaste") at the Recycling Center.

The Statute provides that, effective July 1, 2009, the Town is required to segregate eWaste at the Recycling Center. There are four CEDs ("covered electronic devices"): televisions, computers, monitors and, optionally, printers. Instead of being dumped in a landfill, they will be processed in an environmentally sound manner, broken up into components and reused where possible.

Since the program is paid for by the manufacturers, there will be no charge to drop off these items.

A few moments ago, I spoke with Tom Metzner at the DEP who told me that the program will not go into effect until the Regs are passed. He thinks that the program will be ready "by the end of the year." "We're trying to do this as quickly as possible," he said, "because we know it is costing the Towns money."

In our case, it isn't costing the Town anything because there is a drop-off charge for all of these items except printers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Budget Passes In Low Turnout

Town Budget: 1861 yes, 1276 no.
BOE Budget: 1751 yes, 1384 no.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To Report Motor Vehicle Registration/Tax Violations

This site offers a totally anonymous means of reporting people who you think may be cheating on their car or personal property taxes. I know that many people call the Assessor's Office but it cannot take an anonymous report. This is a quote from the site:

"Did you ever sit in line at your local bank drive-up and wonder why the driver of the Florida registered Hummer in front of you would want to have an account there? That 4-wheel drive must really come in handy during those Florida winters! Did you ever wonder why you see those same people in the Vermont registered Mercedes 500SL every weekend at your local pizza parlor?

Many Connecticut residents register their vehicles in other states to avoid paying sales taxes and local property taxes. These vehicles are easy to spot because they’re parked in your neighbor’s driveway displaying the state marker plates of their vacation home! If you ask them, they’ll provide answers more entertaining than those of ENRON ex-officials testifying before Congress. There is ONE place where you will NEVER see them. You’ll never see them waiting in line for a Connecticut emissions test!

An even bigger problem…..many more Connecticut residents register their vehicles in Connecticut but use an address/tax town other than their residence where the vehicle is located. These are what we refer to as “stealth” cheats because they are not readily visible. This is most prevalent in the Cities where mil rates are high and where insurance premiums are double that of the suburbs."

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Democratic Registrar

Democratic Registrar Helen Cherney's successor was her Deputy, Barbara Brickley.
On Friday, Barbara Brickley appointed Chris Cutter as her Deputy.
On Monday, Barbara Brickley resigned.
On Monday, Deputy Chris Cutter became the Registrar.
On Monday, Chris Cutter appointed Barbara Brickley as his Deputy.

"I couldn't wait any longer for the party to act so I had to take action," said Barbara who explained that she'd been waiting for the Party for weeks. "I couldn't handle the upcoming referendum by myself. Chris is retired, he's a great guy and I think he'll do a terrific job."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Taxpayers To Be Overtaxed

You won't believe this. At the hands of Board of Finance Democrats Frank Wargo, Shelly Pruss and Gail Alexander, you are going to be overtaxed by the sum of $800,000.00.

Yes, you heard me. OVERTAXED.

Tonight, the Town Council voted (Lillis abstained)to reduce the Budget because of the medical savings [see yesterday's post]but these three BOF whizzes voted against the motion to reduce so it failed and the Budget that goes out to the voters contains the sum of $800,000.00 that doesn't need to be in it. So, instead of a .13% increase, the tax increase remains at 1.35%.

And folks, it's against the law to overtax. These three ought to be sued in a class action and be held personally liable.

All this happened despite the fact that Town Attorney Randy DiBella explained that they can't lawfully send a Budget out that isn't reflective of the Town's actual expenses.

New Milford ought to have its own Tea Parties. I am sick of the ignorance and disrespect for the taxpayers.