Thursday, July 31, 2008

Odor From Nestle's Farms

From parents and children at the ballfields, from the Recycling Center and from as far away as Old Stilson Hill Road, there have been many complaints about the odor from the Nestle's Farms' composting facility. It travels with the wind.

The Town's Health Department has no jurisdiction over the matter although Director of Health Mike Crespan and the Mayor are well aware of the problem and have spoken to the owner repeatedly. "They've been very cooperative and concerned, Mike said, "They may not be able to resolve the problem immediately but they are working on it." And so is the State DEP.

Lou Santos, a DEP Air Pollution Control Engineer III, is investigating the problem. He said today that he has yet to officially declare Nestle's Farms as the source of the odor. While it seems apparent to all of us, he explained that he must rule out all other potential sources before making that formal declaration. The odor may very well be coming from the composting facility," he said, "I am doing air inspections and will do a compliance inspection later next month."

Mr. Santos also said that he will also be referring the matter to the DEP Water Department because he saw some leacheate from the area where restaurant food waste is dumped. The facility has a Permit to accept the food waste which is then mixed with brush and other organic materials before it is composted.

I am assured that the odor is not toxic and results from the composting process.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Murphy/Jankowski Cut Costs

It's amazing what you can find out if you just ask. Kostes, are you reading?

Last week, Mayor Murphy's and Finance Director Ray Jankowski's vigilance saved taxpayers more than $700,000.

First, a call date with regard to 1999 School Bonds allowed refinancing and a savings of more than $650,000.00.

Second, they took advantage of a brief opening that permitted a renegotiation of the Town's electricity costs. Savings? $65,000.00.

Great work.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Mouse Roars

Citing fiscal mismanagement, Mayoral wannabe Bob Kostes who, you may recall, failed to vote on the Budget, called yesterday for the resignations of Mayor Pat Murphy, Councilman Roger Szendy and Board of Finance Chair Bob Sherry.

It's quite a list considering that the responsibility for the fiscal health of the Town resides not only with the Mayor but with the entire Council, the entire Board of Finance and the Finance Director. Why did he cherry-pick these three? Maybe because he didn't want to include a call for the resignation of all of the Members of these bodies because it would include the likes of friend Mary Jane Lundgren who knows as much about finance as I know about nuclear fusion.

Although he ran for Mayor, what, exactly, did Kostes offer but a wild idea about pension investment and a spending plan that would have resulted in a double-digit tax increase? His idea of educating himself about the Town's finances is a five-minute meeting with the Finance Director. Bob, where have you been for months? Have you gone to one Town meeting? Have you even been in Town Hall since you lost the election?

Kostes, if you are really interested in what's going on, speak to Department Heads whose Budgets are scrutinized daily by the Mayor. Speak to the people in Town Hall. You'd be doing the taxpayers a great service if you'd dig in to the BOE Budget where many expensive secrets are hidden.

This Duchy won't capture the Q-Bomb.