Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Budget: Which Candidates Didn't Vote?

It's too big a task to go through the entire electorate so I decided to start with the list of candidates in the last election. Here are the candidate no-shows, starting from the top of the ticket:

Bob Kostes (Mayor, NMF)
Bill McLachlan (Council, R)
Mary Patricia Issavi (Council, D)
Eileen Monaghan (BOF, NMF)
Al Brant (Assessment Appeals, R)
Bob Rush (Planning, D)
Jerry Monaghan (Planning, NMF)
Kevin Jackson (Zoning, D)
Charles Bogie (ZBA, R)
Keith Iaia (ZBA, R)
Lisa Alexander (ZBA, D)
Matt Pruss (ZBA, D)
Richard Dugdale (ZBA, D)

You mean to tell me that New Milford First wizards Kostes and Monaghan didn't bother to vote? Yes. Shame, shame, shame.

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