Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Surprise! BOE Has A Surplus!

BOE Super JeanAnn Paddyfote reports that "Mr. Miller has determined that the unaudited 2008 year-end balance is $741,083.90. We will be discussing the year-end balance at our Sept. 2nd Operations Meeting.

A few of the items and/or reasons that contributed to the balance are listed below:

--an additional $100,000 in special education excess cost reimbursement than was forecasted;
--more funds encumbered in oil, gas, and electricity than were expended;
--a milder winter than was expected;
--Energy Education program, and other energy conservation programs are working;
--savings in transportation due to the mid-sized buses versus mini-vans."

Will the surplus be turned over to the Town to be used for tax relief? Don't hold your breath.

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