Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ambulance Association To Pay For New Facility

Mayor Pat Murphy has come up with a real winner in a plan that allows the Ambulance Association to pay for its new facility and relieve New Milford taxpayers of the construction cost.

Supported unanimously by its Board, the Association intends to pay the cost of the 1.5% short-term borrowing by billing insurance companies for its services.

“It seemed to me that the insurance companies have been getting a free ride,” said the Mayor, ignoring her obvious pun.

“Whether its Medicaid, Medicare, the auto insurance companies or private health insurance, a billing company will send a bill for the service but the Association will be responsible for collections. Hardship will be considered so that those who are most needy may not have to pay anything out of pocket.”

This is a win/win for the Community and I applaud the Mayor’s creative thinking in these extremely difficult financial times.

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