Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mary Connolly's "Retirement" From the News-Times

"For the past nearly quarter-century," News-Times Editor Art Cummings wrote, "Mary Connolly was the face of The News-Times' editorial page.

"Now, however, the Mary Connolly era has drawn to a close. Mary has retired, leaving a legacy of an outstanding career and a community better off for her many contributions."

This is one Member of the Community who disagrees. But I do owe her some thanks. After all, she's one of the reasons that I started this Page. I became so frustrated with her editorials and her refusal to print some of my words that I decided to find another way to air my thoughts.

Political leanings aside, the frustration was due, in part, to her lack of knowledge and avoidance of the relevant facts. When writing an editorial about New Milford, she often didn’t bother to consult the New Milford reporters who knew the facts so, on occasion, her editorials were at odds with the stories. I think that this was a terrible disservice.

So, Mary, I wish you well but I question whether your legacy was a benefit to the New Milford Community.

By the way. Mary didn’t “retire.” Like others, she put in for and took a buyout. There’s a difference.

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