Friday, May 1, 2009

Taxpayers To Be Overtaxed

You won't believe this. At the hands of Board of Finance Democrats Frank Wargo, Shelly Pruss and Gail Alexander, you are going to be overtaxed by the sum of $800,000.00.

Yes, you heard me. OVERTAXED.

Tonight, the Town Council voted (Lillis abstained)to reduce the Budget because of the medical savings [see yesterday's post]but these three BOF whizzes voted against the motion to reduce so it failed and the Budget that goes out to the voters contains the sum of $800,000.00 that doesn't need to be in it. So, instead of a .13% increase, the tax increase remains at 1.35%.

And folks, it's against the law to overtax. These three ought to be sued in a class action and be held personally liable.

All this happened despite the fact that Town Attorney Randy DiBella explained that they can't lawfully send a Budget out that isn't reflective of the Town's actual expenses.

New Milford ought to have its own Tea Parties. I am sick of the ignorance and disrespect for the taxpayers.

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