Monday, October 5, 2009

NMF Allegations In Spectrum 'Deceptive'

I am compelled to set the record straight with regard to some of the statements made by New Milford First in last week's Spectrum.

First, Member Monaghan claimed that the Mayor and Town Council eliminated “just about all capital projects.” Indeed, the Mayor did have capital projects in the Budget that she presented to the Town Council but they were taken out of the Budget by the Council because its Members chose instead to create a capital reserve account, funding for which came from the so-called undesignated fund. By leaving out the salient facts, Mr. Monagahn has told an egregious mis-truth.

Second, Mr. Monaghan ascribes to NMF candidate Sandy Peterson an allegation that this led to a “threatened cut” in the Town’s credit rating. False. In fact, having the new Capital Reserve Account enhances the Town’s borrowing ability because it shows to the bonding companies that the Town has financial stability and is dedicated to the maintenance of its infrastructure.

Third, with regard to Mr. Monaghan’s allegation that the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development is “more than two years” overdue, the State Office of Policy and Management has written that the revised Plan is due on July 1, 2010. It is by no means overdue. With the assistance of a consultant, the Planning Commission is effecting a thorough review of the POCD and amassing volumes of input from many sources.

Finally, with regard to Mr. Kane’s complaint that the Town’s Ethics Code doesn’t work, voters might need to be reminded that this statement – from his point of view – is entirely true. But what he’s really saying is that it didn’t work for him i.e. he lost his ridiculous Ethics Complaint against John Spatola that cost the Town hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills.

Being honest with readers is obviously not one of New Milford First’s priorities. Deception is.

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