Tuesday, November 10, 2009

E-Mail From Retired CMS, USAF About Hasan

Every day we get garbage e-mails of doubtful origin. This one appears to be real and, if not, hits the mark nevertheless. It was written last Friday, November 6, long before the revelations about the extent to which the warning signs were known to various branches of the Government.

These are sad days for our nation and especially for the families of the victims at Fort Hood. I wrote a letter to my congressman to get some things off my chest and have decided to share it with all of you. I am doing this because I am troubled by the seemingly passive reporting of this act of treason.

Anyway, here it is. Please feel free to share your outrage over this incident with your representatives, newspapers, etc.

Honorable Rob Bishop,

I am a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant with 30 years of active service and am currently in my 10th year of teaching at a local Junior High School. I feel by background, experience, and love for this nation have earned the right to say what I am about to say.

I am deeply concerned about the lack of outrage being displayed over the actions of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan. I can understand it from those who are grieving, but It seems that people (reporters, officials, etc.), even our president, are trying very hard not to condemn him, but are looking for excuses for his actions.

This man is a coward and a traitor. He challenged his country's position on an enemy during war time, speaking out in a way that would get any enlisted man or woman courts marshaled or at a minimum a general discharge. Then he turned against his own troops, those he was given authority over by virtue of his rank and, while yelling the battle cry of the enemy, he mowed them down in cold blood as the enemy.

Our Commander in Chief needs to recognize this not only as a horrifying act of terrorism, but as an act of treason. If he doesn't, if he plays the politically correct game and shows any sympathy for him, he is not a leader, has no love, respect, or compassion for his troops as Commander in Chief and should be removed from office immediately.

Those who knew about Hasan's adamant claims against our military actions and his political comments against our Country's military actions while in uniform, and during wartime posture and position, were obligated to report him. They should be thoroughly investigated and if they don't have the ability to make hard decisions (this one should have been easy) they should be removed from their offices. If they had done their jobs, Hasan might have been stripped his rank and drummed out of service before he had an opportunity to plan out his traitorous actions. He should have been under investigation based on those comments, and those who failed to act on them carry the guilt of his crimes.

Please pass my feelings on to the rest of Congress and our President. Thank you for listening.

Patrick D. Crawford, CMS USAF (Ret)
PS, I may forward this E-mail to a few others whom I think need to hear my feelings.

If I missed any important facts, please don't hesitate to let me know.


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