Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weinberg Sworn In As New Member of BOE

Let me see if I can sum this up.

Wanting to run for the BOE, Democrat Rodney Weinberg tried many times to reach Democratic Party Chair John Lillis but never received a response.

Mr. Weinberg expressed his interest to the Mayor. Council Member(s) requested that his name be put on the Agenda as a nominee.

Lillis fails to come forward with a nominee even after having a Committee Meeting and knowing that its Membership supported Dr. Stillman. “Protocol” – very important to the Dems when they want it to be – calls for the Chair to give a letter to the Mayor’s Office. That didn’t happen.

Lillis is the only speaker in public participation; attendees Bob Coppola and David Lawson choose not to speak. One would think that they’d speak in support of their candidate or Lillis.

The three Council Democrats try to nominate Stillman but can’t get the votes to do so. They try to stall but fail to make a Motion to Table.

Mr. Weinberg is nominated, wins and is sworn in immediately.

What would have happened if Dr. Stillman’s name had been on the Agenda? There weren’t enough votes to elect him, Mr. Weinberg’s name would have come forward and he would have been elected.

End of story.

I take back what I wrote yesterday about Mr. Lillis. Now I know that he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Last night, he spoke in support of Dr. Stillman even though he was “rejected” by the voters. John, how come it’s OK to support Stillman (D) after being rejected by the voters but it’s not OK to support Joe Failla (R) for an appointment to a different board from which he was “rejected?”

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