Friday, April 9, 2010

BOF To Meet On 4-14

Rumors abound that BOF Chairman Joanne Chapin did not intend to schedule another BOF Meeting to discuss the Budget.  Absolutely bogus.  The Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 14, on the same night as a regularly scheduled BOF Meeting.  None of the Members will be able to argue that he didn't have notice of the Meeting since the year's schedule is set at the beginning of the year.

After this absolutely irresponsible organized no-show, it sure would be easy for the "other side" to now make sure that the Council's Budget goes to the voters, wouldn't it?

Finance Director Ray Jankowski reports that a 3.51% tax increase would be the result of the return to the Budget of the BOE's $1,800,000 and a 2.3% tax increase if the number is $800,000.

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