Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BOE Member Wellman 'Is This The Way We Want Our Local Government To Work?'

At the March Board of Education meeting, in connection with its consideration of the proposed Budget, I raised the issue of whether the District could consolidate its facilities and eliminate the use of East Street School. The Chair and the Superintendent indicated that they wished to assemble information and would provide it at the next Board Meeting. At the next meeting in April, the Chair and the Superintendent did not have the information and said that the information would be provided to me at the next Facilities Committee Meeting on May 4. That meeting was canceled but on that date, May 4, the Superintendent stated that the information was not ready and would not be ready for some time. At last night’s meeting of the Board of Education, the Chair would not even allow this situation to be referenced. Apparently, New Milford voters are expected to decide on a budget without being provided with relevant information which was reasonably requested. Is this the way we want our local government to work?

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