Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mayor and Council Make History: BOE Now Required To Comply With Town Bidding Ordinance

Without fanfare, on Monday night the Town Council approved extremely important changes to the Town’s Bidding Ordinance.   They are of historic significance and, as dedicated readers know, have cured one of my pet peeves.

Simply, the BOE is now required to create its own purchasing authority and to bid out its purchases in the same manner as does the Town i.e. it must invite competitive bids.  The changes also affect the Library.

Here’s the revision; the matter in brackets is deleted:

Municipal Purchases

Revision of Chapter 2, Article III (Section 2-92) New Milford Code

Offered by: Mayor Pat Murphy
                                Charter, Section 405
                                New Milford Code, Section 1-4

§2-92. Bids. (a) Purchasing authority defined. Except as set forth in paragraph (l), as used in this section, “purchasing authority” shall mean the Director of Finance and Mayor.

(l) Board of Education and library purchases. This section shall [not] apply to [any] purchases made by the Board of Education [or] and the New Milford Library. Provided, however, the purchasing authority for the Board of Education shall be those persons assigned and designated as such by the Board of Education. The purchasing authority for the New Milford Library shall be those persons assigned and designated as such by the library Board of Trustees when such purchases are to be made with monies from fund sources designated in Chapter 11, §11-3 of the New Milford Code of Ordinances. For all other library purchases requiring the expenditure of funds other than or in addition to monies from such designated sources, the purchasing authority shall be the Director of Finance and the Mayor.

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