Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Morey Calls For Resignation of EDC Vice-Chair

This is Mr. Morey's response to an article (Town's finances scrutinized by citizen; experts say town is faring well in tough economy) in today's News-Times.

I was very pleased by the story in today's News-Times about the excellent condition of the Town's finances. Our bond rating is good. Our financial structure is strong. The Mayor and our Town officials are obviously doing a great job in these very difficult times.

However, I am appalled that Jeff Winter, the Vice-Chairman of the Economic Development Commission, has been challenging the Mayor and our Town officials about their handling of Town funds. Mr. Winter goes to Town Council Meetings to cause trouble when instead he should be a Town cheerleader. He took an oath to promote bringing business to Town and to help create jobs but he's doing just the opposite and his actions are hurting the residents of the Town of New Milford.

I call upon Mr. Winter to resign immediately from the EDC.

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