Thursday, April 28, 2011

Single-Stream Recycling Coming to New Milford?

On April 26, HRRA Director Cheryl Reedy sent an e-mail to its member towns announcing the availability of single-stream recycling. 

She wrote, "Single stream recycling...means that you can put all items for recycling in one bag, bin, toter or container.  There's no need to bundle cardboard and newspapers separately.  In addition, [a recycling center can accept] many more items for recycling than it did previously, including all plastics #1 - #7, boxboard, chipboard, junk mail, office paper, books, phone books, milk and juice cartons, etc."

This is a great opportunity for residents and a boon to the environment because it makes recycling a whole lot easier and far more comprehensive.

Together with the installation of a soon-to-be-installed compactor, you can expect dramatic and beneficial changes to the operation of the Recycling Center.   

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