Thursday, July 28, 2011

Democrat Republican BOE Member Dan Nichols Rejected By Party; ‘Intends’ To Primary

First reported by Nanci Hutson in today’s News-Times, Republican BOE Vice-Chair Dan Nichols “intends” to primary his way to the November election after being rejected by the Republican Caucus.   It won’t be an easy task to get signatures from 5% of the 4,845 registered Republicans in Town.

There is a mistake in Nanci’s story that must be corrected.   Evidently, someone she  trusts to be a reliable source must have lied to her.  She wrote, “The Republican Town Committee nominated five candidates, and added Nichols' name only after prodding during the caucus.”  Not true.

The Nominating Committee nominated six candidates – not five as reported -- including Nichols.  The RTC brought all six nominations to the caucus.  There was no “prodding.” 

In addition, Nichols’ name was first on the list of the six names from which five were to be chosen for the available positions. The vote to reject him was made by all registered Republicans who attended the caucus.   Obviously they decided to “slap him in the face” – his words --because they disagree with the choices he makes as BOE Vice-Chair.

And, Folks, that’s politics at the most basic level; if you disagree with the positions taken by an elected official, “vote da’ bum out!”

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