Thursday, March 15, 2012

Town Finances Get 'Clean Bill of Health'

The Mayor and Director of Finance Ray Jankowski are pleased with the results of this Year's Audit Report that was presented at last night's Board of Finance Meeting. 

"We got an unqualified audit and a clean bill of health," Ray said a few moments ago.  "I'm very happy about it.  We worked well with the Auditor this time around, better than last year.

"We're in good financial standing and we got rid of 3 of the 4 material weaknesses from the last Report," he said, explaining that the one that remains is about the lack of reconciliation between the Town and Board of Ed.

"They did find one new problem and that's with the Children's Center.  Although it has its own Board and handles its own finances, the Auditor wants us to oversee its financial operation and we'll do that in the future.

 "This is very good news for us," Ray said.  "It shows that we've been doing things the right way.  The taxpayers should find this very encouraging."

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