Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Speakers' Appalling Lack of Due Diligence at Last Night's Town Meeting On Road Bonding

Readers are familiar with my number one rant: get the facts.   Please don't waste everyone's time and energy airing your ignorance...ask questions first!  Do a little homework!

With the exception of Warren Braren, not one of the speakers last night bothered to call Town employees or officials before speaking.  That's appalling.  Mike Zarba, Director of Public Works, Ray Jankowski, Director of Finance and Mayor Pat Murphy all confirmed that none -- other than Mr. Braren -- had ever called to address the issues that they raised last night.  And what happens when these folks make these misstatements to their friends and neighbors?  The rumors spread and, unfortunately, the taxpayers may suffer.

Here's a simple example.  A speaker decried the borrowing at 2.5%  Well it's not 2.5%, it's more like .0379%   It would have been a disgrace if this package had been defeated because people based their vote on this misinformation.

If you can't address the facts appropriately, then it's my guess that you're there with a personal, perhaps political, agenda that has no place in this forum.

I am especially surprised at statements made by former Director of Public Works, Pat Hackett.  I have very specific recollections that he was angry that people were attacking DPW without ever picking up the phone to get the facts.  Pat, that's exactly what you did last night! You did the very thing that upset you so much when you were the Director.

Come on, people.  Don't complain about transparency if you can't pick up the phone and ask questions or ever attend a Town Council Meeting where all of this has been discussed.  We should be able to do a lot better than this. 

The Bond Package passed.

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