Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tom Morey: Attorney Gronbach Tries to Keep Drug Dealers and Sex Offenders on the Streets

The Constitution guarantees adequate legal representation and a fair trial even for major drug dealers and sex predators. How do lawyers who represent them sleep at night and how do they get paid?

I understand that lawyers have families and need to support them but why take these cases and not just stick to other crimes?  Helping to put these fiends back out on the streets seems to me to be dead wrong.  

I was told by a lawyer that under various codes of ethics, lawyers are supposed to scrutinize their clients' payments to make sure that they're not from the fruits of illegal activities.  If a lawyer represents a heavy-duty drug dealer, isn't it a given that the money comes from selling drugs?

According to a story in the, an East-Hartford resident named Daniel L. Drummond was arrested at gunpoint on State drug charges and indicted on a Federal charge of distribution.  The story says that he was carrying a red duffel bag that contained 20,000 ecstasy tablets.  More drugs were found in his apartment together with several guns, "including a 12-gauge shotgun that was on a kitchen counter, loaded and ready to fire..."

Who was Drummond's lawyer in the federal case?  Democratic Mayoral candidate David R. Gronbach.

In another case,  the Journal American reported that Ryan Puzinski, a Torrington resident  "who sold the heroin that passed through a courier's hands before causing the death of a man who craved it will be sentenced in December to 18 months in prison."  
Who was Puzinski's lawyer?  Democratic Mayoral candidate David R. Gronbach.

In a 2013 appeal of a conviction in a horrifying case against a father (Douglas F., Appellate Case Number AC34322) who sexually abused his five or six year old son in the shower, a lawyer used all kinds of procedural tricks and arguments to get the father off the hook but the appeals court rejected all of them. 

Who was the father's lawyer?  Democratic Mayoral candidate David R. Gronbach.

Let your conscience be your guide when you vote on November 3.  I'm not voting for someone who helps keep the drug dealers and sexual predators on the streets.  I want to sleep at night.

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