Friday, October 5, 2007

Council Candidate Kane Violates Zoning Regs

It's just another classic story of New Milford hubris and hypocrisy. As you may remember, John Kane renovated his barn on Crossman Road and started using it for his photography business after he moved it from West Street. Totally illegal. I discussed it with then Mayor Bobby Gambino but, being the good buddies that they were, he did nothing. What a surprise. Then a Zoning Reg was proposed that would legalize this use. Of course, Kane was its biggest proponent, talking about how great this would be for New Milford. So here we are, years later, and Kane hasn't even complied with that Zoning Reg. It requires him to get a Special Permit from the Zoning Commission and he has been told to do so. And this is a guy who wants to be on the Town Council? Stay tuned.

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