Wednesday, December 5, 2007

'Mass Hysteria' Over FAA Proposal

Like so many Chicken Littles, many of our local politicians seem to have whipped themselves into mass hysteria about the FAA's proposed airspace changes.

I suspect that few if any of them are aware that major FAA Airways, Reporting Points, Fixes, Holding Patterns and Feeder Routes currently exist over New Milford and surrounding areas.

In fact, many residents probably don't even notice all this activity continuously going on in the skies above New Milford.

Before jumping to conclusions on the mistaken belief that disaster is imminent, politicians should first become familiar with the current airspace over western Connecticut. This can be easily accomplished by getting briefed by one of the many commercial pilots who live in the area (myself included).

Prior to spending $85,000 tax dollars on fighting the FAA proposal, our politicians should at least have some understanding of what FAA airspace currently exists over New Milford, and what it is they're actually fighting.

Tom DiCandido
New Milford

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