Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'New Milford Hospital Loses Doctors...Make Your Voices Heard'

New Milford Hospital announced this month that three of their finest onocology doctors will be leaving the hospital. They want us to believe that all three doctors decided to leave at the same time and that it was a coincidence.

New Milford is still a small enough town where we either all know someone who works at the hospital or know someone who knows someone who works there. I suggest that you start asking for yourself why these excellent physicians left the hospital. Do not believe the positive spin control the administration has tried to put on it.

The replacement doctors are very well qualified, I am sure, but will never fully replace these three excellent individuals who made the Cancer Center what it is today. Patients that are battling a life threatening disease now have to deal with the loss of their doctors as well. It is unfair and I really hope the public makes a lot of noise about this.

This hospital depends on donations from the public and an upset public does not feel quite as generous. This is not the only hospital that has a cancer treatment center.

The hospital did not value its wonderful doctors but we, the public did and do. Make your voices heard.

Judy Moskowitz
New Milford

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