Monday, August 17, 2009

Sewer: Vote "Yes"


1) The existing equipment is between 23 and 50 years old and is very expensive to maintain...some parts have to be custom made;

2) The State has ordered the Town to upgrade;

3) DEP rules get stricter every year. When this work is completed, we will have nitrogen credits to sell;

4) The Town has obligated 1.3 million gallons of capacity but the existing facility can only handle 1 million;

5) Fat and grease capacity will be increased;

6) Service to lower Route 7 will be enabled;

7) The upgraded plant will be energy efficient; between $300,000 and $400,000 in energy credits will be paid to the Town;

8) The cost of the money will never be cheaper and the 2% loan doesn't have to be paid back until one year after the job is completed;

9) The State money will likely never be available again;

10) The cost of the upgrade is 8 to 9 million dollars less than originally contemplated;

11) The upgraded system will be better for the environment because it will help minimize storm runoff into the river and into the aquifer;

12) Without the upgrade, new businesses and new construction such as recreational facilities can't be built;

Even if you have a septic system, this vote does mean something to you. Did you know that the company that empties your septic tank takes it to the sewer plant?

Please vote "yes" in tomorrow's referendum.

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