Monday, June 20, 2011

Morey to Winter 'Leave the Town Alone'

Once again, I call on Economic Development Vice Chairman Jeff Winter to resign immediately;  his political antics are an anathema to the Town.

The purpose of the EDC is to attract new businesses for job and tax base growth. As a Member of the EDC, he should be promoting New Milford and all the great things it offers.    Instead, his attacks and negativity do just the opposite, discouraging new business from choosing to locate in New Milford.

His continued attacks about Town finances are made solely for political gain and create a negative environment for our Community.

Moreover, he wouldn’t be missed from the EDC because he has been absolutely unproductive.   The EDC has done more for him than he has for it, using his position only to catapult and position himself for the Town’s highest office.

His vision for our Community is just negative rhetoric and his speeches are all swagger with no substance.  Tall hat, no cattle.

Also, based upon his public statements, he is the poster boy for higher taxes having objected publicly to the use of surplus for tax relief.  If he has any influence over your future tax bills, buckle up.  The ride will be scary.

Mayor Pat Murphy has done many things to promote tax base growth.  For example, working with KC on its energy plant, working with the State to expedite the permit process for the new shopping center on Route 7, forming an Economic Development Corporation, establishing the position of Economic Development Director and seeking grants and low-interest loans for our sewer expansion.  The list goes on and on.

As was recently shown at a Town Council Meeting, our Community is in solid financial condition with great bond ratings, strong reserve funds, good tax collections and many capital projects in progress.

Over the last several years, the Mayor’s list of accomplishments have been enormous and have included the completion of Route 7, the Grove Street realignment, the ambulance facility, several recreational improvements, open space acquisition, farmland preservation and several road projects.  The list goes on and on.

Over the last several years, the Mayor has obtained an unprecedented number of Federal and State grants, dramatically reducing the burden on taxpayers.

The last thing this Town needs is someone at the helm who will put at risk all that Mayor Murphy has accomplished.   We also don’t need someone who talks nothing but political-speak.   For example, at a recent Town Meeting Mr. Winter supported the Mayor’s Budget and then, from the other side of his mouth, criticized her handling of Town finances.    I ask you, Mr. Winter, where was your Budget plan and where were your line-item recommendations – both for the Town AND School -- during Budget deliberations?

Leave the Town alone, Mr. Winter.  It appears that you can do it no good. 

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