Monday, June 20, 2011

CL&P In the Skies

In mid-August, CL&P is going to begin replacing the uppermost wire on its transmission lines.  That sounds dull enough but it isn’t just going to send a few guys up a ladder.

It may sound like something out of a science-fiction movie but the Company will be using helicopters for some of the work.

Helicopters?  Yes, helicopters.

According to CL&P spokesman Frank Poirot, the use of helicopters reduces the impact on the environment.  “Although some ground access will be required,” he said, “the job will have far less environmental impact using the helicopters.”  There will be some clearing of existing access roads and of access from paved roads but “there will be significantly less clearing because of the overhead access.”

Mr. Poirot said that the helicopter work is scheduled to be done in three segments starting in mid-August and ending in November and will proceed as weather conditions allow. “The work on the ground will start in mid-July,” he said, and will be done from Plumtrees Road in Bethel to Long Mountain Road in New Milford. 

Mr. Poirot said that there will a mass mailing to customers along the right-of-way and press releases will be sent out to the local media so that people aren’t alarmed when they see the helicopters close to the lines. 

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