Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christopher Blocker Named New Economic Development Supervisor

Connecticut native Christopher Blocker started work as the Town's new Economic Development Supervisor on January 23 and he's been digging in.  This morning, he is likely at a Meeting of the Development Services Team, the group that was started by the Mayor about three years ago .  Although he was an observer at last week's Meeting, today he'll be an active participant.  The DST meets on Tuesday mornings with anyone who has an idea for a project to find out what the project may entail.  Depending on the nature of the project, the meetings might include representatives from the land use boards, Buildings and Health Departments, Fire Marshal and Public Works.

I know that we all wish Mr. Blocker good luck in his new job and I hope that New Milford will reap many benefits from his excellent education, experience and good cheer.

Here's a picture of Mr. Blocker in his office in front of his Master's Diploma (Public Administration) and the Town's Zoning Map.  (Of far more importance, of course, is what's on his computer screen).

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