Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Mayor Murphy In a Landslide Victory

The unofficial vote is 3570 Murphy, 1125 Stillman, 1475 Kostes.

The winners in other races are:

Council: Szendy, Bass, Guendelsberger, Volinski, O'Brien, Mullen, Lillis, Lundgren, Bayer

Finance: Gutman, Sherry, Alexander, Wargo

BOE: Lawson, Diamond, Thomas, Llerena, Finney

Assessment Appeals: Brant, Burcaw

Planning: Francis, Morey, Rush, Volinski

Zoning: Tito, Florio, Ward

ZBA: Bogie, Alexander, Bayers

Two surprises: Town Clerk, George Buckbee and Tax Collector, Cathy Reynolds.


1) Disenfranchised, unendorsed and "once powerful" (as Nanci Hutson wrote) Republican George McLaughlin lost his bid for Council and got fewer votes than Democratic newcomer Mary Issavi!

2) Kostes got more votes than Stillman. I have to hand it to Kostes...he ran the most professional campaign that I've seen here in years;

3) There is something wrong with the vote count for those candidates that ran on two tickets: O'Brien, Diamond, Alexander, Francis and Rush. Their vote totals were astronomically high as if their votes on the NMF ticket were counted twice.

4) If Kostes was in the race to obtain a mayoral line for NMF, then he succeeded.

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