Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kostes Team Violating Campaign Law

At the Mayoral debate, Kostes couldn't name any of the candidates for President of the United States because he's so focused on his campaign for Mayor of the Town of New Milford.

Not quite focused enough.

You see, Section 9-606(d) of the Connecticut General Statutes prohibits a candidate from acting as the treasurer of any committee (candidate, slate, or party committee) that is designated as the authorized funding vehicle for that candidate's campaign.

Howard Lapidus is New Milford First's Treasurer and is himself a candidate for ZBA.

A Staff Attorney at the State Elections Enforcement Commission confirmed that there's a problem and the prohibition is fully explained in the February, 2007 Edition of the Commission's Publication entitled, Understanding the Connecticut Campaign Finance Laws, A Guide For Municipal Candidates.

Kostes, at the top of the ticket, is ultimately responsible for this. If this is what we get from him now, I can only imagine the disaster we'd get later. Another good reason not to vote for him.

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