Saturday, November 3, 2007

Now It's Stillman Who's Violating the Campaign Law

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Larry Stillman paid for a large ad on page 5 of this week's New Milford Times.

Promoting the "Democratic Team," the ad is "Paid for by 'The Committee to Elect Larry Stillman,' Tom McSherry, Treasurer." On page 7 is an ad, paid for similarly, promoting the Democratic BOE Members. All nicely done but....

Section 9-601(4) of the Connecticut General Statutes defines a "Candidate Committee" [the Committee to Elect Larry Stillman] as any committee designated by a single candidate, or established with the consent, authorization or cooperation of a candidate, for the purpose of a single primary or election and to aid or promote such candidate's candidacy ALONE for a particular public office or the position of town committee member, but does not mean a political committee or a party committee.

Thus, ads paid for by Stillman's Committee to promote the candidacy of others is improper.

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