Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Medinstill Misinformation

The record needs to be set straight; there have been some odd comments.

The Medinstill abatement was approved by the Town Council long ago. It was on the Agenda recently to make sure that the right entity received the was a name change only. It did not enlarge or expand the original abatement.

If you read the Minutes of the first Meeting, you will find that Mayor Murphy supported a DEFERRAL, not an abatement. The latter was the TC's choice.

The abatement was given based upon a representation from Dr. Py that he would create many new jobs for the Community. The "many"that he promised started at 200 then bounced to 2500 then 500. It was all over the place. The fact is that there may have been 10. Unfortunately, the Council failed to condition the abatement on the production of those jobs so we may have no recourse.

The upside is that we now have leases for the use of the ballfields, there is a new pumping station and the sewer line now goes to Dr. Py's property resulting in an increase in the value of the property. If Dr. Py sells the property it will generate more tax revenue. The sewer expansion was paid for mostly by a State Grant and will serve the Brass Mill property as well.

On February 8, the following two anonymous comments were added to my August 27, 2008 Post entitled, "Dr. Py and the Children of New Milford:"

1) Ha Ha Ha - As a ex-MedInstill employee (who had to sign a "I will not say anything detrimental about the company when I left) All I can say is Dr, Py has puled the wool over all of your eyes! There will never be any production there and there will never be any more that 50 employees. The equipment that was produced will ultimately go into a Nestle facility (in the midwest) IF they can ever get it to work - which to date has not!In fact, MedInstill's only possible entry into a production scenerio has been to produce the equivalent of bacitracin ointment in one of their containers (which do not work) and they want 5 times the price of what you can buy in a tube (which also doesn't work financially). This facility will always be a R&D facility with limited staff. Personally, I think he will ultimately sell his patents to someone else and let them finish the development - probably in India and definately not in New Milford. Take Sud Chemie out of the picture and it gets even worse. Here's another secret for you all - Dr. Py is not even there anymore - he is taking a 6 month leave of absence and has hired another person to run the company while he is gone. You have been hoodwinked - big time!

2) For the record - Sud Chemie is not MEDInstills big brother - it is the other way around. They make all of the plactic components utilized in Dr. Py's container designs (which do not work) Because Py's group has not been able to produce a commercially acceptable container for sale (yet or whenever) Sud Chemie has been forced to produce components for other companies for use outside of the food industry so the parts they make are shipped elsewhere in an effort to make a few bucks. I think in 18 months they will all be out of there and you will be stuck with a 5 million sewer bill!

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