Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spatola Action Settled

Some years ago, while Town Councilman Joe Failla was the Acting Chairman of the Ethics Commission, an Ethics complaint was filed by John Kane against John Spatola for an alleged impropriety that was committed while the latter was a Member of the Board of Finance. After a very long proceeding, the Complaint was dismissed. This action for legal fees arises out of a State Statute that provides for the recovery of a town official's legal fees in the event that he or she successfully defends such matters. The Town's insurance carrier refused to make the reimbursement, claiming that the statute didn't apply.

As John explains, a Superior Court Judge met with him, the Mayor, a representative of the insurance carrier and their attorneys and hammered out an agreement. That agreement is subject to the Town Council's approval and will be the subject of an Executive Session at its next Meeting.

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