Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Town-Side Unions Agree to Wage Freeze

On December 31, 2008, Mayor Murphy circulated the following Memo to the five "Town-side" Unions:

As the National, State and local economy continues to deteriorate, it is clear our Town government is not exempt from this unpleasant climate. I would like to invite you to meet with Ray Jankowski and me to discuss any cost saving ideas you may have concerning your collective bargaining unit. Please contact Marla Scribner to coordinate a convenient time. I appreciate your input as we move through this difficult time.

Obviously, this was a lawful way of saying, "Hey. Let's get together and try to figure out a way to avoid people losing their jobs."

Apparently, efforts on both sides were successful. Mayor Murphy said that the three biggest Unions, the Teamsters, Police and AFSCME (not the AFSCME library employees who have a separate Unit) "Have been very cooperative in trying to find ways to help the Community while preserving efficiency and the level of services that people expect."

Did they agree to a wage freeze? Yes, they are in the works according to sources from each of the three Unions.

Non-Union employees and elected officials agreed to a wage freeze some time ago.

There was no response from the dispatchers' Union and the Library AFSCME employees rejected the request.

Kudos to the Members of the three Unions, our non-union employees and our elected officials for their sense of responsibility to the taxpayers in these difficult times.

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