Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fund-Raising For Playground Exceeds Match Challenge

Thanks to some large donations and many smaller, the $50,000 fund-raising challenge for the construction of the new playground has been met and exceeded.

But with about $110,000 in hand, "The effort isn't over," says Assistant Parks and Rec Director Eleanor Covelli. "The more money we get, the better a facility we can build."

The larger donors are: MVP-SOS, $10,000; Village Fair, $5,000; Chamber of Commerce, $5,000; NMPTO, $2,500; Candlewood Valley Pediatrics, $2,500; the Pilla Family, $2,000; Top-Flight, $1,770; and $1,500, the Dayton Family.

Congratulations to the New Milford 4Rec Association, Eleanor and Director Dan Calhoun for making this project a reality.

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