Friday, January 25, 2008

"It Is Time To Say 'No!'"

On Jan 2, 2008 over 54 million Americans on Social Security received a 2.3% cost of living adjustment.

That is 2.3%, not 5% -- and certainly not 6.88%.

Where does the School Superintendent expect our senior citizens, our retired people, those entering their golden years, to find income for this proposed 6.88% increase? Maybe they should wear an extra sweater this winter, or skip a meal, halve their medications, or how about get a part time job?

In 2007 we saw this price of oil rise to $100 a barrel. We saw energy prices rates rise over 60%. Now we have a Federal financial crisis that could lead to a recession. Our country is at war.

Yet this year, like previous years, our Superintendent wants more, more, more.

It is time to say “NO”. Enough is enough. It is time cut. It is time to lay off some of these empty suit bureaucratic administrators, time to remove these over priced so called educators who have not had a new idea in years. It is time to cut the waste in our school system!

Get out the erasers, it is time to cut! It is time to say NO to any increase!

New Milford Native

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