Friday, January 25, 2008

Wellman, Doing His Job, Incurs Wrath

What Nanci Hutson's BOE Budget story in the News-Times doesn't tell you is that recent BOE Appointee Bill Wellman came under fire at the BOE deliberations for asking an entirely reasonable and necessary question. "What happened to last year's disappearing surplus?" [Update: SEE MY CORRECTION BELOW] he asked, preceded by comments about his concerns about the Budget increase.

Former BOE Member Dian Marandola was outraged and went haywire, saying from her new perch as member of the public that Bill was defiling the atmosphere of the BOE by asking the question.

But another audience member rose to speak. Michel Gutman said that Bill's question was perfectly legitimate and that he'd be asking the same question very a Member of the Board of Finance.

Well done, Bill. That was a great question to which all the taxpayers would like an answer!

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