Sunday, January 27, 2008

JeanAnn Paddyfote

The Superintendent is taking a beating in these posts; it's time for me to weigh in.

JeanAnn Paddyfote is an expert and is doing exactly what she was hired to do. The problems written about in this Blog result from the fact that a majority of the BOE Members are not doing what they were elected to do.

A viewing of the recent Meeting discloses that newly-appointed Member Bill Wellman is asking the right questions and that he is not only looking out for the welfare of the kids and the betterment of the school system but also that he is watching the bottom line and is demanding accountability and transparancy.

What a novelty.

Having a Board Member who actually understands his responsibilities and has the gumption to fulfill them is a challenge for the Super and I have no doubt that she will rise to it, perhaps even enjoying the new stimulus.

People are moving out of Town because they can no longer afford to live here. More homes are on the market than ever before. The national and global economies are teetering on recession.

It's high time that all the BOE Members wake up and do their job.

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