Friday, February 1, 2008

Martha Sanford's (Almost) Ode to Ron Parks*

I jumped out of bed this morning with the anticipation of my first day without Ron. For twenty years he has been here – I now realize – actually guiding my day.

As I came through the main door I realized that I had no keys to get into the office and couldn’t go jump into my new routine. He wasn’t here with the door already opened with coffee waiting. Then we lost our coffee carafe, another bad sign that we were beginning a new adventure without coffee.

Luckily Kathy rescued me with coffee from DD. Ok, I said to myself I can do it now. I’ll pretend that the day is just beginning and start all over. That’s when I opened my coffee and the aroma drifted to my brain, I very casually took a sip and lit my cigarette. Kathy again saved me and asked what I thought I was doing…oops I’m supposed to be outside.

Now I know what Ron’s job was – he was here to keep me going each day. I certainly will miss him as a friend but look forward to the new direction that this office might take.

*Yesterday was Ron's last day as the Town's Assessor.

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