Monday, February 4, 2008

Tough Budget Times...They ARE A-Comin'...

The Town's CFO, Finance Director Ray Jankowski, is pulling out his hair. And don't make any jokes...he still has plenty of it. What it appears that he has very little left of is a sense of humor about the Town's financial well-being. If you'd care to ask him about his budget concerns, call him at 355-6060. If you do call, you'll be a member of a very small group that does not include the overwhelming majority of our elected officials. It seems that not many folks from our Town Council and Board of Finance bother to ask him the important questions like, what does our ECS money look like this year? How are collections going? What impact do the fed reductions have on our budget? Are we doing anything that will impact our Moody's rating? What planning must we do now to help next year's budget? What does our debt service look like? Are there any problems with medical accounts? I'm certainly no expert on municipal finance and GAAP but I do know enough to predict that the taxpayers are not going to be willing to support much of a tax increase, if any.

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