Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Budget Details

Ray O'Brien made the motion. Here are the numbers; they are not perfect but they are very close.

The Mayor's Budget was $93,051,566
(164,380) reduction of Town-side based on savings by self-insuring
(275,000) reduction based on payments on new debt
(43,000) reduction in line 6090, Building Maintenance
(31,000) reduction of request for expanded library hours
(12,000) reduction in line 6334 for a new air-conditioner
(657,522) reduction of BOE based on savings by self-insuring
(512,889) reduction of BOE capital to be taken from its capital reserve fund (740,000 balance before deduction)
(1,500,000) from capital reserve instead of 2,500,000
(1,000,000) from Internal Service Fund
(15,000) from Fire Marshal [see 3-13-08 correction]
(38,000) Youth Agency [see 3-13-08 correction]
2,000 Womens' Center
8,500 Cemetery

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