Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Turk Wants Answers

In an e-mail circulated this morning, BOE Member Julie Turk makes clear that she intends to get to the bottom of the issues raised by Town Treasurer Ray Jankowski. Here it is in its entirety:

Good Morning, JeanAnn - I just want to clarify the level of detail that I feel is absolutely necessary in order for the Board to adequately respond to Mr. Jankowski's claims in his letter of March 4th - and to share that with the other Board members. I still maintain the detail listed in my email to you of March 9th (pasted below) will provide everyone involved with a very straight-forward response.

The amount of information may be large - however it is not complex nor should it require anything other than gathering the payroll data as of a particular date (I propose 10/1/FY), and sorting the accounting records to list all transfers out of the account(s) in question.

I'm looking forward to the report, and resolving the issue - as I am sure you are.
[the following is the march 9 e-mail referred to above]:

Dear Dr. Paddyfote: In order to propose an adequate and thorough response to the issues raised in Raymond Jankowski's letter of March 4, 2008 - I will need to see the following detail from you and/or your staff:

1. An accounting of how the ASO Account(s) was estimated for budgets for FY 1993-1994 through FY 2008-2009. (If records do not go back to FY 1993-1994, please state the beginning record FY for which they are available.) (ASO accounts are definded as any account which was utilized to compute the data listed under "ASO Acct." in the spreadsheet entitled "New Milford BOE Medical Expenses & Payments" presented at the BOE Operations meeting on March 4, 2008.)

Information that must be minimally included is:

o No. of employees electing single coverage and amount of co-payment per contract as of 10/1/FY
o No. of employees electing family coverage and amount of co-payment per contract as of 10/1/FY
o Roster of all retired teachers (include name, date of retirement, insurance coverage elected, co-payment required per contract ) for each of the above listed fiscal years

2. List of all transfers out of all ASO accounts from 7/1/1999 through 3/1/2008: At a minimum, the list is to include:

o Date of transfer
o Amount of transfer
o Transfer to: account number and account name Please include these details in the data you are assembling in response to Mr. Jankowsi's letter, along with other pertinent data you deem necessary.

If any of this data is unavailable, or the administation is unwilling to provide it, please let me know at your earliest convenience. I am confident that going forward, regularly supplied detailed information such as that listed above will serve to provide the transparency necessary to allow the Board to make informed decisions, and to restore public trust.

Julie Turk

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